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 About the ranking thing

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Enslaved Kat

Enslaved Kat

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PostSubject: About the ranking thing   Mon Nov 03, 2008 7:21 pm

If this ranking system goes out and we have the system up, 1 thing that concerns me is how it will be based on.

Most people would maybe think of it being based off of the mobsters lvl but i don't think it should be. i think it should b based off of how committed to Khaos the person is. Depending on the time they are put in and how Active they are in the group should make up how they are ranked... and yea ill b honest im being a Lil greedy 2 cuz u all know im lvl 22 as of right now and im not reaching 400's anytime soon XD

But it would really be in the best interest to maybe also have a sort of council that goes through promotions and trying to agree with one another in what gets done and how things are run and go. those council should be those of the highest order. and after they form lower groups may be appointed to be assigned special jobs so that it will make everything run a Lil easier on the hard working group (You know who u are) and make the time here more enjoyable and less work full cuz lets all agree work SUX! and every1 should get 2 have some fun and by splitting job rolls it should get that much easier for us all....... Just a thought

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About the ranking thing
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