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 Any need help on other apps??

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Enslaved Kat

Enslaved Kat

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PostSubject: Any need help on other apps??   Mon Nov 03, 2008 4:35 pm

If you need help on any other application on Myspace im the one person you can rely on, i promise to try my best to add all the apps you all want me 2 and i will add you no problem. There is however 1 app so far i cant really help much on and thats Yoville... im not 18 and its stopping me, but only if you all think i should change my age to add this app will i do so, so message me and tell me, and also dont b afraid to talk 2 me, im not gonna bite... less your into that sorta thing X3

Anyways just wanted to send that out

Your Family Pet
~Enslaved Kat
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PostSubject: Re: Any need help on other apps??   Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:04 pm

thought I'd throw out the apps I play besides mobsters

mafia wars
dragon wars
world domination
special forces
world at war

y'all are messing me up with this color thing lol... can't see what I type here so I changed the font to black and then couldn't read the post! lol I'm an idiot
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Any need help on other apps??
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